Using procmon for troubleshooting virtual desktop

Saw this today on the vmware communites page, DEMDev wrote a short explanation on how to use psexec.exe and procmon.exe, to capture things by running procmon as the system user and logging in as another user.

The steps are

  *   Log on to the console with an admin account

  *   Copy PSExec.exe and ProcMon.exe to folder C:\X

  *   Run C:\X\PSExec.exe -accepteula -sd C:\X\ProcMon.exe -accepteula -quiet -backingfile C:\X\Log.PML

  *   Log off

  *   Log on “the normal way”, with your test user

  *   From an elevated prompt, run C:\X\PSExec.exe -accepteula -s C:\X\ProcMon.exe -accepteula -quiet -terminate

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